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Write a letter in your own words and draw on your own experience. Your local MP wants to know what is motivating and concerning you, their constituent. They do not want to read a cut and paste letter that repeats identical messages.

The Uluru Statement is an invitation to the Australian people – YOU – tell your local MP why you are accepting the invitation.




We ask for your support, to invest in a national education strategy, led by the Uluru Dialogue and the UNSW Indigenous Law Centre, on a Voice to Parliament enshrined in the Australian Constitution.

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Sign your support for a First Nations Voice to Parliament protected by the Constitution. Receive updates from our team and remain engaged with recent developments as we walk together for a better future for all Australians.

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    This site includes images, quotes and references to people who have passed. We have included them to acknowledge, honour and pay respect to their contribution and efforts to our struggles, our progress and achievements.