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Things to keep in mind:

You can accept the letter we have written for you OR you can write your own letter! Simply enter your details and hit send if you’re happy with our message OR delete and edit the existing text and write your own letter!

Writing a letter in your own words that draws on your own experience does help. Your Federal MP wants to know what is motivating and concerning you, their constituent. But it is important to voice your support regardless!

The Uluru Statement is an invitation to the Australian people – YOU – tell your local MP why are you accepting the invitation.

Keep your letter concise. We want our key messages and the overwhelming community support for the Uluru Statement and a First Nations Voice to Parliament protected by the Constitution to be clear.


Key messages to include:

  1. I do not support a legislation-first approach
    A legislated Voice before a referendum does not meet the aspirations of the Uluru Statement from the Heart. You DO NOT want your MP (and their party) to support a legislated Indigenous Voice. If a Bill is introduced, you do not want them to support the Bill.
    A legislated Voice alone will not deliver the authority and certainty it requires to be a durable Voice for First Nations on laws and policies that affect them. It is the status quo.
    A legislated Voice will derail momentum for a constitutional Voice. Constitutional recognition, after 14 years and 7 processes and 9 reports, will not be achieved. The nation loses an opportunity for change.
  2. I support the Uluru Statement
    The Australian people want a referendum on establishing a First Nations Voice to Parliament protected in the Constitution.
    I support the Uluru Statement and its call for a First Nations Voice to Parliament protected by the Constitution.
    I will vote “Yes” in a referendum on a Voice.
  3. It’s Time
    You want your MP to act with URGENCY to support putting a referendum to the Australian people to constitutionally protect a First Nations Voice to Parliament.
    90% of submissions in response to the Interim Voice Report support a First Nations Voice to Parliament protected by the Constitution.
    Four years of polling since Uluru consistently shows the Voice to Parliament would succeed at referendum.
    This support is backed by consistent polling including Essential, the Australian Constitutional Values survey and the most recent Reconciliation Barometer.
    Following the Wyatt Interim report and the 2018 Joint Select Parliamentary Committee, there is enough information in the public domain on what a Voice may look like to move to a referendum.





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