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2023 is referendum year

The Liberal Party have decided not to support the First Nations Voice. After 12 years, seven processes and ten reports, the Liberal Party decision ignores the majority of First Nations Peoples at the grassroots level, 80% of whom are in support of a constitutionally enshrined Voice (Ipsos Poll Jan 2023).

But the Uluru Statement from the Heart was intentionally issued as an invitation to the Australian people, not politicians or any one political party.

Legislative bodies have come and gone, only constitutional enshrinement will guarantee First Nations Peoples will have an enduring say and ultimately improve First Nations lives.

Now is the time for those who live in Liberal electorates to write to your MP and Peter Dutton and let them know that you support this reform to give First Peoples a say in the policies and laws that impact our everyday lives.

Got 2 mins? Then use the template letter we've provided. Just enter your details and hit send.

Got 5 mins? Then please take a moment to personalise the letter or compose your own.

Not in a Liberal electorate? You can email Liberal leader Peter Dutton directly at: peter.dutton.mp@aph.gov.au






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