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Later this year you, and all Australians, will be asked to vote on a proposal called the Voice to Parliament.

The voice is an exciting change to the big law of Australia, the constitution, to give Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples a say about the things government does.

Having a Voice means the Australian government can’t make decisions about us, without hearing from us, first.

It means we can proactively make statements to the government and the Parliament on any matter you mob think is important.

And so those decisions will be better and will make Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples lives better.

If this voice is added to the big law, the constitution, it won’t be able to be removed by the next government. Or any other government.

The Voice is something First Nations Peoples asked for in the Uluru Statement from the Heart and the majority of mob agree with it.

And the government has agreed to a dialogue process to follow the referendum so you mob can design the voice.

So don’t miss the chance. Make sure you vote and write yes.


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Northern Territory Aboriginal Translations

The Northern Territory is one of the most linguistically diverse areas of the world. For comprehensive information about Aboriginal languages of the Northern Territory visit aiatsis.gov.au.




Eastern/Central Arrernte

East Side Kriol



Modern Tiwi





Western Arrarnta

West Side Kriol

Yolngu Matha

West Australian Aboriginal Translations


Martu Wangka




Torres Strait Translations

Meriam Mir

Torres Strait Creole (Yumplatok)

Queensland Translations

Kalaw Lagaw Ya

Wik Mungkan

Uluru Statement of the Heart in your language

Find a translation of the Uluru Statement of the Heart in your language

Voice FAQS

Get answers to frequently asked questions about the Voice

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